Sunday, September 23, 2007

Been So Busy

Sorry I have not been around. Things have been so busy around here. Hubby opened his studio been helping out there some the past 2 Sats. Lauren and preschool I volenteered to help out and they are haveing fun and games for Halloween. I have been still working on the silk set it is coming along slow but good. I ran out of trim I was short 1/2 yard had to go get it. Learning to use the ruffler foot I finally broke down and bought for my new machine as the hand gathering was not working on the silk. Today we are going to the pumpkin patch to let Lauren pick her pumpkin out for Halloween. This will be the first year she picks it out all by herself. Last night she said she needed 10 pumpkins LOL So we will see how many we come home with LOL

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Family addition

We had went to the shelter and got Lauren a kitten to play with. Well needless to say that thing was crazy and went back to the shelter. It would just attack you for no reason. I think it need some prozac or something. The last straw was Lauren was laying on her fav blanket on the floor watching her shows and the cat jumped on her face and started bitting her hand. Poor Lauren was crying and the cat went back right then. So we was going to get another kitten and was ready to go home with a fuzzy gray one that was nice and in it's right mine. But that kitten went back as Lauren seen a puppy. So that is what we came home with a puppy. It is part black lab good little puppy and Lauren calls her Girly. I will post some pictures of Lauren and Girly digging in the dirt together yesterday. It was so funny dirt flying everywhere. Lauren was giggling and they were covered. Both got a bath as soon as we came in.


So I have been working on a outfit inbetween customs and everything else. It is silk and will be something for Christmas a wedding or just because she wants to look Fab. I have been having a hard time with the darn ruffle.Tried the dreaded ruffler foot that thing drives me insane. I pull it out every once and awhile and know why it stays in that drawer everytime LOL. So here I sit with a needle and thread running a gathering stitch. I tried to do it on my machine but just didn't work. So maybe before Lauren out grows the outfit it will be done

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Quiltmobile

This is some sewing and a serious quilter LOL Made by Anne Fitts of The Crazy Quilters Guild in Port St. Lucie. The Quiltmobile is an advertisement for the upcoming quilt show. There are directions and flyers attached to card for show information. Screens cover the windows there is a zipper for the doors to open. The car is driven around town but at no more than 45 mph. The flags on the front and back windshield are removed. The Cathedral Window block flips up for refilling gas.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lauren's First day of Preschool

Oh it was a sad day for mom and dad. But a exciting day for Lauren. I bawled I was sick to my stomach and shaking after I dropped her off at school. Hubby cried to he said we were a couple of big babbies and yes I admit it LOL. I couldn't stand it anymore I had to go check on her after a couple hours. She was outside playing when I went the assistant was outside with them. I talked to her teacher she said Lauren is doing great but she put Lauren in time out. Lauren hit and pushed 2 children and I was shocked Lauren never ever hits or push and she knows this. But the teacher said she did fine in time out and sat there all good. Then Lauren went and told the 2 children she was sorry and gave them both a hug. I would have done the same to Lauren ;) I was shocked she did what she did and the teacher said sometimes in a big group emotions come out they never had before. But anyways I can pick my little princess up in a hour so I am watching the clock LOL. Here is a picture of her in her first day of school outfit.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


I have been waiting for some material I ordered off ebay I just got it day before yesterday after I filed a complaint with paypal. Funny how you can do that and they just decided to throw it in the mail the same day. But I have been power sewing Lauren's first day of Preschool outfit. I so love how it turned out lots of appliques and twirl. She loves it! I will have the camera ready and hubby also I don't want to miss any good shots on her first day:)